Hospitality Management Faculty Member to Ride for Cancer Research

College of Hospitality Management
Robert Wahl, associate professor, will be participating in a bike ride from New York City to Niagara Falls, covering 540 miles over the course of seven days, at the end of July. This ride will help raise funds for cancer research.

Wahl, a long time biker and North Kingstown, Rhode Island resident, was featured in an article printed in The Standard Times. In it, he says, “I do this because I feel if everyone can just do a small part, we can continue the research that has helped closed to 17 million cancer survivors in the United States alone. Because of these small efforts, this number continues to grow annually.” Read more.

Faculty News: College of Arts & Sciences

Kevin M. DeJesus, Ph.D., assistant professor, John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences, participated in the International Studies Association/ Central & Eastern European International Studies Association joint conference themed, "International Relations in the Age of Anxiety," held in Belgrade, Serbia. University of Belgrade Political Science faculty hosted this conference. DeJesus served as a discussant for two panels: "Anxiety of Energy Insecurity" and "China and the Global Political Economy.”

Lessons in Urban Agriculture at City Farm

A group of 15 students from JWU Providence, Regis College (Weston, Mass.) and Universidad de Congreso (Mendoza, Argentina) recently toured the Southside Community Land Trust’s City Farm as part of their research into food security and food access. Thanks to a grant from the 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund, the students were at the midpoint of a 3-week collaborative study abroad program to explore issues of sustainable community wellness and nutrition in the Americas.

The ‘Stranger Things’ and JWU Connection: Edzer Roukema '15

The ‘Stranger Things’ and JWU Connection: Edzer Roukema '15

Some ad campaigns on social media take off with such force and speed that it is easy for some to miss the details behind the scenes. That’s where you’ll find Edzer Roukema ’15 — a Graphic Design JWU alum currently working as a digital designer at Ralph and Co., where he’s been the mastermind behind such popular projects as Netflix’s “Stranger Things” 80s movie theme poster campaign.

Exploring Living History and Hospitality in Greece

Exploring Living History and Hospitality in Greece

Imagine immersing yourself fully in another culture — to learn its history; explore its architecture, art, and beautifully preserved ruins; and even learn about your own chosen industry through its lens. A group of 27 JWU hospitality students recently did just that. The group split their week between the capital city of Athens and the historic island of Rhodes (or Ródos in Greek) to learn about international hospitality and tourism firsthand.