JWU101: Experience JWU's Past, Present and Future

On January 24, Human Resources invites long-term employees and newcomers alike to attend JWU101: One University — Four Campuses, an insightful look into JWU’s history, purpose and campuses. All employees are welcome; however, this program is most valuable for employees who have been with JWU for longer than three months. Log in to HRpulse to register.

Set Your Holiday Break Voicemail and Email Messages

As a reminder, staff and faculty should set their out of office email greeting and modify their voicemail greeting prior to holiday break. Sample messaging is below.

Voicemail and Email

Hello, thank you for calling Joe Smith at Johnson & Wales University's Providence Campus. The university will be closed for holiday break from December 22 through January 6. I will respond to your message when I return to the office on Monday, January 7. If this is an emergency, please contact Campus Safety & Security at 401-598-1103. Thank you.

Special notes about voicemail:

  • Your voicemail may be changed by pressing the "Messages" button on your phone or dialing your office phone number and pressing the "*" button as your existing greeting is being recorded (then enter your full 10-digit phone number, 401-598-XXXX and your PIN)

  • You can set an alternate greeting and enter the date you wish it to expire so that your regular greeting is automatically restored when you return to the office.

  • If you do not remember your PIN, the IT Service Desk can reset it. The IT Service Desk can be contacted via the self-ticketing system by visiting JWU Gateway, sending an email to it@jwu.edu, or calling 1-866-JWU-HELP (866-598-4357).

Slice of Life: Chef Matthew Britt’s Passion for Culinary

Slice of Life: Chef Matthew Britt’s Passion for Culinary

JWU Providence student Juliet Faas ’21 profiled College of Culinary Arts Instructor Matthew Britt, CEC, who took a dishwashing job at age 15 and immediately fell in love with the industry, in the latest Culinary Now blog.  

Britt’s passion and love for his career radiated as he told Fass, “I like the people around me, I like this culture, and I love this lifestyle.” As Britt explained it, “Everybody in this field is working toward a common goal” — which is to spread the love, and creativity, of food, as well as to connect cultures by sharing a meal together around the table. Food affects every aspect of our lives every single day. Read more.

Kelly Dunn '18 Ed.D., Named Recipient of Research Award

Kelly Dunn Ed.D., director of new student orientation & support programs, was named the recipient of the 2018 National Association of Higher Education Parent and Family Program Professionals (AHEPPP) Outstanding Contribution to Research and/or Literature Award. This award is presented to a professional who has had an impact on the body of knowledge about, and practices of, engaging parents and families in an institution of higher learning, and whose achievements have advanced the profession. Dunn has presented on her research on a number of occasions and is seen as an expert in field of student grit, parent involvement and student success.

  • On November 12, Dunn presented at the National Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education (NASPA) Regional Conference at the RI Convention Center on the topic of Parenting and Grit: Why it Matters to Student Affairs.

  • On November 20, Dunn presented at the inaugural Symposium on Academic Resilience in Higher Education (SARHE) sponsored by Harvard University on the topic of Investigating Parenting Style and College Student Grit: Beyond Resilience. 

Read Dunn’s dissertation, Investigating Parenting Style and College Student Grit at a Private Mid-Sized New England University.