Guided Meditation

Faculty and staff can take a few quiet moments at Guided Meditation, which takes place every Monday 4-4:30pm in first floor lobby of CBCSI and every Tuesday 4-4:30pm in the Culinary Beginnings Room located at the Culinary Arts Museum on the Harborside Campus.

This program is co-sponsored and facilitated by staff from Counseling Services, Health Education, JWU Global, and the JWU Providence Library.

Ongoing BRIDGE Center Activities

Not Just Coffee Hour takes place in the BRIDGE Center every Thursday from 2:30-3:30pm. Students from around the world come together to engage in a different activity or topic of discussion. All are welcome.

Story Circles takes place every Monday from 4-5pm in the BRIDGE Center. A story circle is a small group of individuals sitting in a circle, sharing stories focusing on a common theme. Each person gets equal time and attention and no interruptions or contradictions. Then the group reflects on the stories that were shared. It's a way to share experiences, exploring commonalities and differences, to have a real dialogue around potentially polarized issues. All are welcome.

Faculty Celebrate Scholarship at Annual Showcase

Nearly 100 members of the JWU community attended the second annual Faculty Scholarship Showcase on Thursday, October 25, to celebrate scholarly activities and share ideas. Faculty were invited to submit presentation proposals aligned with the Boyer Model of Scholarship for inclusion in the showcase. This event was also held on JWU’s three branch campuses last week.

More than 35 JWU faculty presented on October 25 in the Wildcat Center, representing all six colleges. View full listing.

Tiffany Rhodes - Adventure is Not for the Faint of Heart

Downhill mountain biking is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous forms of mountain biking, reaching speeds of up to 100 mph. Long-time adventure sports enthusiast Tiffany Rhodes, assistant professor in the College of Hospitality Management’s Center for International Travel and Tourism Studies, dedicates much of her time outside the classroom to downhill mountain biking and enduro racing.

After having joined a riding club and being the only girl for far too long, she began leading women only rides with the New England Mountain Bike Association. In no time, she became a certified coach. “I decided to make a change, and focus getting more girls on bikes,” says Rhodes. “Now we’re seeing more than 15 women at the rides.”