Working at JWU

Labor Day Holiday: Payroll Deadlines Altered

Attention Managers of Staff and Students: This year, JWU will observe the Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 2. As a result, the payroll processing schedule and deadlines will need to be altered for that week. Please adhere to the revised payroll processing deadlines listed on the “Manager News Page” of HRpulse to ensure proper and timely payment of wages for all employees.

Log in to HRpulse for revised time sheet authorization deadlines and details.

Lunch & Learn with Chef Ken

If you are hungry for knowledge about healthy lunch options at JWU, join Chef Ken Watt for Lunch & Learn on Friday, August 30. In this session, Chef Ken will share the considerations that go into offering healthy dining options at JWU’s cafeteria-style dining halls, as well as offer tips for navigating Snowden Dining Hall’s menu options so you can create a balanced, healthy lunch. For this Lunch & Learn, you can leave your lunch at home — lunch will be provided, courtesy of Campus Dining.

Space is limited to 15 people, so register on HRpulse today to reserve your seat at the table.

Drowning in a Sea of Mail?

JWU is required to mail paper copies of certain benefits notices to you, so it’s easy to soon find yourself drowning in a sea of snail mail – until now. You can now elect to receive such benefits notices electronically, including Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD), Summaries of Material Modifications (SMM) and other important notices.

Log in to HRpulse to learn how.

Summer is the Season for Healthy Eating

It’s time to stop thinking of “diet” as a four-letter word. In its truest definition, your diet is what you eat, not what you shouldn’t eat. To help you make healthier diet decisions this season, from sensible snacking at the office to enjoying national “tasty days” the healthy way (spoiler alert: July is National Ice Cream Month!), the Wellness Corner is offering up some simple summertime nutrition tips for a healthier and happier you.

For more helpful (and healthful) information, visit the Wellness Corner on HRpulse.