Important Updates from Off-Campus Student Services

Off-Campus Student Services is a dedicated resource for JWU commuters and off-campus students. Helping commuters feel connected and stay connected to the university is an important function of the department. Equally important, is ensuring that students who live or are considering living off-campus are informed, supported and connected with the resources essential for a positive off-campus experience.

These two significant areas of focus were the driving force behind the redesign of the commuter website. It highlights commuter life at JWU while providing resources and information that are pertinent to new, current and prospective commuters.

In the past, students were advised to begin their off-campus housing search using an online database called Jump Off Campus found on the Services page on jwuLink. Unfortunately, not all landlords and/or property owners utilize this site to post their rental property, which placed limitations on a student’s search. In an effort to provide students with options that are easily accessible, please direct students to the commuter website where they will find a short list of popular off-campus rental sites. Check out the resources available, and direct students who are looking for off-campus housing and/or roommates to this page to aid in their search.

If you have any questions, please contact Diane Riccitelli, director of off-campus student services, at 401-598-2455.