Faculty Accomplishment – College of Arts & Sciences


Estelle Lebeau, Ph.D., associate professor of science, John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences, has been named to the American Chemical Society’s Division of Chemical Education Examinations Institute committee to develop the next General Chemistry (full year) exam, due to be released in 2021. The ACS Examinations Institute is unique in that it produces national exams for most chemistry courses, ranging from high school through the entire undergraduate chemistry curriculum in the United States.

Committees of educators who teach the courses, for which the exams are intended, create all ACS exams. The value of assessment materials to the chemical education community is a direct result of volunteer efforts by chemistry educators from throughout the United States. The exams produced by the Institute can rightfully be called standardized exams for course content and concept expectations for a given chemistry curriculum.

Lebeau was recognized by the American Chemical Society in 2015 for her Outstanding Achievement in College Chemistry Teaching. In 2003, she received the Outstanding Teaching Award from the College of Science & Technology at Central Michigan University. Lebeau has been a member of the JWU faculty since 2016, and in 2018 she was nominated for the Society of College Science Teachers Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teaching Award, as well as the National Science Teachers Association’s Distinguished College Teacher Award.