5 Questions With… Carla Aljoe, SAFS


Carla Aljoe, a student services operations associate in Student Academic & Financial Services (SAFS), has been with JWU just shy of eight years, and this past winter, she had the opportunity to work with the Denver Campus’ SAFS team for about six weeks. She and a colleague Jane Delamare, student financial planning counselor, traveled together to manage the department and help the campus open up the spring term in lieu of a director.

“Everyone in Denver was unbelievably welcoming,” said Carla. “Upon our arrival at the hotel, we met Kate, a proud JWU College of Hospitality Management graduate, who was so kind and helpful throughout our stay. The Denver Campus is beautiful, and I could easily see how the mountains and sunshine lure people to that city and campus.”

Carla lives in Providence and has family close-by in Boston, including her sister Nicole, brother-in-law Steve, niece Courtney and puppy-niece Bella.

1. What new hobby would you pursue if you had more time?
Join a curling league! I have no experience and no idea if I would be any good, but the Norwegian Olympic Curling Team had me, along with so many around the world, completely captivated in 2018 while wearing their crazy uniforms. How could you not be psyched for intense competition while dressed in matching crazy outfits?

2. What’s your favorite place to dine in Rhode Island?
I generally like to keep it simple. As a New Yorker, I love thin crust pizza, so I would have to say Fellini Pizzeria. The Spinach Pie, Thanksgiving Pizza, and Garden Salad are amazing. The staff is incredibly friendly and very down to earth. I also love that they are creative and fun with their pies. 

3. What new place would you most like to travel?
Any location that is on the JWU Windows 10 screen saver is the easy answer, but I would have to say Redwood or Sequoia National Parks. After visiting Joshua Tree National Park a couple years ago, I made a list of national parks that are a must see for me. The list seems to grow longer and longer whenever I daydream, but I have decided that the massive trees are up next.

4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Smile, laugh, and be kind anyway. My mom always taught my sisters and me that we would never regret any of these three actions on any given day. Smile because it is such a simple gesture and you likely have much to smile about and be thankful for anyway. Laugh because it feels incredible to get so caught off guard by life and the world that laughter is the only possible expression. Be kind anyway because it is not JUST about us. We share this life with so many and being kind is always easier if you really think about it.

5. What’s your favorite thing about JWU?
The Celebration of Service program for faculty and staff is inspiring. I really like hearing the citations read about our colleagues who have been with the university for 20+ years. I am reminded that while we may speak daily as we go about completing our job responsibilities, we may not always get the opportunity to ask about the other parts of their lives that motivate and inspire them.