5 Questions with…Scott Reslow, Athletics


Scott Reslow, head coach of the men’s volleyball team and athletics digital media specialist, will be completing his eleventh year at JWU. “After a decade plus of coaching the men’s volleyball team, I’ve experienced plenty of interesting events and challenges,” Reslow says. “The thing about coaching is that the environment is always changing. Being open to adapting and learning new skills and strategies is key. The most satisfying part about coaching is when everything goes right, there is no better feeling. The journey to that point creates relationships that last a lifetime.”

Reslow resides in Coventry with his wife Angela, three children Quinten (12), Xavier (10), and Elias (3), and their two dogs, Piggy and Mavis.

1. What new hobby would you pursue if you had more time?
With more time, I would love to get back to writing. Post college, I had aspirations of becoming a novelist. I think with opportunity, I’d possibility try to cultivate that again.

2. What’s your favorite place to dine in Rhode Island?
I’m really into diners, and right now Gel’s Diner in Coventry is probably my favorite place to sit down with my wife and enjoy breakfast or brunch.

3. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Be polite, treat everyone how you’d like to be treated, and let your work speak for you more often than your mouth (from my dad).

4. What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of—personally and/or professionally?
My proudest accomplishment professionally at JWU was turning the men’s volleyball program around and making it a national competitor. Along with that, the relationships I’ve earned and cultivated in the sport and with the players who have gone through the program are of giant pride and importance to me. Personal pride…my kids, my wife, my sense of humor, and the skills I have acquired throughout my tenure on the planet.

5. What’s your favorite thing about JWU?
What I enjoy most about JWU are the people I work with. Athletics is filled with professionals who have helped me grow in my field as well as people I enjoy talking with about things outside of our day to day in the office.