5 Questions with… Aralyse Johnson ’19, SEEM


As a Sports, Entertainment, Event – Management major, Aralyse Johnson ’19 participated in planning the fifth annual SEEM Leadership Conference in the fall of 2018 and conducted research as part of the DEE with TD Garden this year.

In March 2019, Johnson started as a part-time administrative assistant at the Higher Education Consultant Association (HECA), assisting with the details of their annual conference such as hotel room blocks and formatting their conference app and brochure. Johnson has accepted a full-time position with HECA post-graduation as a special events & program coordinator. At HECA, Johnson will be assisting with their annual conferences, professional development events, as well as stand-alone college tours for the members of the organization. The position is completely remote, allowing Johnson to work from home.

Johnson was also one of the recipients of the Senior Service Award at JWU’s annual Student Leadership Awards night. From Corfu, New York, Johnson has three sisters, two dogs, three cats, and a turtle.

1. Where is your favorite spot on or near campus to work, read or study?
I love the library. It's sort of cliché, but I always get so much stuff done when I do my work there. Everybody around me is working so diligently that it makes me want to work like that too. There are many different seating styles, like comfy chairs and couches, tables, or computer desks, so there's really a space for everyone.

2. What one word would you use to describe yourself, and what one word would your friends use to describe you?
I would describe myself as open minded. When I asked my friends they described me as kindhearted.

3. What is the best class you’ve ever taken and what skills or lessons did you learn that you still use today?
The best classes I took were all of my experiential education classes with Professor Leary. I loved these classes because they helped me gain real world experience and gave me insight as to which areas of the industry I really want to work in. 

4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
The best advice is from one of my high school basketball coaches. He said, "Walk your path." It's simple, but it's so important. Every time he would tell me this, I was reminded that every person has their own path, and I do not need to walk the same path as my peers or family members. 

5. What’s your favorite thing about JWU?
The professors, hands down. They are all so willing to support you in any way possible. It's so helpful that they all have industry experience and are still so involved in the industry because it makes learning so much more fun when we can learn from their personal experiences.