5 Questions with…Cindy Coates


Cindy Coates, online student services associate, College of Online Education, will be celebrating 15 years at JWU on May 3. When Coates is not at JWU or spending time with her family in Somerset, Massachusetts, she participates in half marathons in Disney World.

“I have always had a passion for Disney,” she says. “While attending grad school, I chose to write my graduate paper on sports volunteers at Disney. This allowed me to visit Disney four to five times during the year. While volunteering I became interested in running and have been running since 2009. I generally run four half marathons, four 10ks, and four 5ks at a Disney park every year, including Disneyland Paris.”

Her goal for this year is to run 12 half marathons, including the Disney races. “Running is such a social event,” she says. “I have met so many great people locally and through Disney across the USA and in Europe that I have remained friends with.”

Coates has been married to her husband Brad for 41 years. They have two children, Pamela and Nicholas; three grandchildren, Cadence, Oliver, and Bennet; and a Yorkshire terrier, Lucy.

1. What new hobby would you pursue if you had more time?
A wine certification. If I had the time, I would receive my credentials to be a certified wine specialist. I work special events at a local vineyard (Westport Rivers Vineyard) and belong to several wine clubs. I find wine interesting – the flavors, the aromas, and the food pairings.

2. What’s your favorite place to dine in Rhode Island?
Bristol Oyster Bar

3. If you could learn another language, what would you choose?
I have been toying with French over the last couple of years and would love to buckle down and become fluent.

4. What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of—personally and/or professionally?
I am most proud of my family and the children I have raised. Professionally, I am proud of the work I do here at JWU. I love what I do.

5. What is your favorite thing about JWU?
Family…. JWU has always been like a second family, which you do not see too often. I actually like coming to work.