Department Spotlight: Academic Success Center


This Week at JWU interviewed Wendy Alemán, director of the academic success center, about the vast number of student resources available through the Academic Success Center and department changes that took effect in fall 2018. Alemán, who has been with JWU since July 2018, oversees a team of 50, including both professional staff and peer tutors. The Academic Success Center is located on the first floor of the John Hazen White building on the Downcity Campus, and on the first floor of The Friedman Center on the Harborside Campus.

What kinds of workshops does the Academic Success Center offer?
“Tips & Tricks for Passing the GWR” is the most popular workshop. We also offer workshops on citation, time management, note taking, and more.

What are the primary services you provide to students?
We provide subject-based tutoring services, academic success coaching, writing assistance, and more.

Does the Center for Academic Support still exist?
The Center for Academic Support still exists on the JWU branch campuses. With our growing student body on the Providence Campus, it made sense to specialize our services. We also want to be clear that tutoring services are open to all students.

As of this past fall on the Providence Campus only, resources and services previously provided by the Center for Academic Support were split into two new departments: the Academic Success Center and Accessibility Services. A great way to remember the division of our departments and services is that the Academic Success Center specializes in tutoring and other services that bolster students’ success in the classroom, and Accessibility Services works with students requesting accommodations, ranging from testing to physical disabilities, under the Americans with Disability Act.

How can faculty and staff support your mission?
The best way faculty and staff can support our mission is by letting their students know we exist and that our services are already included in their tuition. Faculty can also share our website with their students on their ulearn accounts.

What is one thing about your department that people may not know?
We have amazing individuals working in our office who truly enjoy helping others. Another thing people may not know is that we are now open on Sundays at both the Harborside and Downcity campuses.