College of Online Education Mentor Collective Program

Earlier this year, the College of Online Education (COE) began an exciting new pilot with the organization Mentor Collective. This effort aims to match new undergraduate students for spring term with JWU online alumni/current successful students who can help support them through their academic journey. The initial goal was 50 matches. To date, there have been more than 90 matches. COE has plans to expand the partnership in fall.

Joseph Yutz ’19 shared a bit about his experience working with a mentee. "[My mentee and I] spoke about what it is like to come back into education after being away for so long and with adding new components such as a full-time job and family life while trying to get an education. I told him that I have been in his same position since I came back to college in 2015. It is important to find the correct balance of life, work and education and not get overwhelmed. I told him that we will stick to the weekly class schedules and plan time to get all of his work done."