170+ Companies Attending JWU’s Career Fair and Tips for Your Students


Faculty and staff are encouraged to send their students to the Harborside Campus next week for the university’s 43rd annual Career Expo and Summer Job & Internship Fair on March 14, 10am-2pm. More than 170 companies will be on campus speaking to students about employment and internship opportunities—over half of the companies attending are outside the food and beverage industry. Experiential Education & Career Services continues to see an increase in interest in JWU students by employers. In addition to the career fair, many companies are staying to participate in On Campus Recruitment (OCR) until Friday, March 15, and there are currently over 500 interview slots that are available to JWU students. 

To help your students get the most out of the career fair, Maureen Dumas, vice president, Experiential Education & Career Services, has some tips to share with your students:

Preparation and research: students should identify 5-8 employers who they want to meet with and review the university’s online job site for posted job descriptions and any current information about the company. At JWU, Ex Ed & Career Services works with employers to make sure they have all of their positions posted on the online job site, HIREJWU, prior to the career fair. If the student identifies a position of interest, they should apply prior to the career fair.

Visit the career services office: students should meet with a career advisor prior to the career fair. The career services team knows the employers and can provide valuable insider information.

Bring the right the tools: students should make sure they have everything they need to be successful: a well-crafted elevator pitch, an up-to-date resume, business cards, and a pad folio for notes.

Show confidence: follow the advice of Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, who has researched the influence our own body language has on our perception of ourselves. Before entering the fair, and especially before an interview, or any stress-provoking activity, take a “power stance.” This simple act can instill confidence to the individual. Remember, all of these employers are here for one reason, to hire JWU students.

To help keep employers coming back year after year, it is essential that they see both the quantity and quality of the student body here at JWU Providence. All are welcome.