Faculty and Staff to Present at JWU’s Transformative Approaches Expo

JWU-Transformative Approaches-Expo-Program-2019 12.jpg

Curious to know what innovative approaches and strategies are being used to engage students with varying capacities for learning? Wondering how departments are supporting JWU students?

Find inspiration from more than 20 JWU colleagues at the Transformative Approaches Expo on Friday, April 5, from 10am-12pm in The Friedman Center.

This expo will showcase how JWU’s diverse learning community is supported throughout campus. Attendees will walk away with new ideas that can enhance their impact and the unique ways they can support student success.

Here are a few of the presentations:

  • “One Way to Generate Engaging Content on Instagram” presented by Joe Magennis, University Marketing, and Erin Massey, Admissions

  • “The Universitywide Outcomes Project: Fostering Dialog Across Silos” presented by Jennifer Galipeau, Office of the Provost

  • “Generation Z: What Makes Them Tick?” presented by Beth O'Day, New Student Orientation & Support Programs

  • “Through The Lens of Institutional Research: What Does the Data Tell Us?” presented by George Rezendes, Institutional Research. 

  • “Universal Design Strategies for the Classroom” presented by Nicole Hebert and Lori Barden, Accessibility Services

  • “Transparency through Assignments” presented by Carla White Ellis, John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences.

Each session will last roughly 20 minutes. Attendees will have the choice to attend up to four sessions. View and download the complete expo schedule.

Earlier this academic year, JWU Providence convened a “Campus 2022” committee that is charged with “intentionally impacting the classes arriving fall 2019 through 2022 by defining our ethos and committing to strategies that address: our voice, our approach, and our culture.” The Transformative Approaches Expo is one of Campus 2022’s many initiatives.

Departments involved in the development and execution of this program include Academic Success Center, Health Education, JWU Library, Off-campus Student Services, Student Academic & Financial Services, Human Resources & Payroll, Student Development and JWU Global.

Registration is available on-site at the Expo. To register prior to the event, click here to RSVP. Contact transformativeapproaches@jwu.edu for more information or questions about this program.