JWU Student Named to “Most Promising Multicultural Students Program” by American Advertising Federation


Manal Jakhar ’19, an Advertising & Marketing Communications major, is being honored by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) as part of its Most Promising Multicultural Students Program.

“I have learned so much during my time studying advertising and communications at JWU,” said Jakhar. “My hands-on experiences on the JWU ADTEAM and working with professors Oscar Chilabato and Christine Ure have groomed my ambitions in this field and given me confidence and qualifications to enter the advertising industry.”

Each year, the AAF selects college seniors from across the country to attend a four-day event that helps students sharpen their knowledge and skills, and connects them with prospective employers. This year’s event will be held in New York City on February 11 - 14.

“Manal is one of the most versatile students I’ve ever had in the classroom and personifies the grit and determination of a JWU student,” says Oscar Chilabato, associate professor, College of Business.