A Sweet Way to Say "Be Mine"


Chef Jaime Schick

'07, Baking & Pastry Arts instructor, believes dessert should be fun and whimsical. With Valentine's Day approaching, she has developed recipes that will deliver the traditional message of the season – "Be Mine" – but with her distinctive signature.

Schick creates sophisticated interpretations of classics. Her goal, consistently, and one she imbues throughout her classes, is to simply serve the best dessert a guest will ever experience.

A 2007 graduate of JWU Providence, she earned a bachelor’s degree in baking & pastry and studied abroad in Switzerland. Later, she gained industry experience in bakeries and hotels in New England and Chicago, earning the title of pastry chef at No. 9 Park. In 2012, she was nominated for Food & Wine’s People’s Best New Pastry Chef award.

Schick joined the JWU International Baking & Pastry Institute in 2015. She is proud to have created and continue to lead New England's "Sugar Rush," an annual showcase of regional pastry chefs that benefits Bakes for Breast Cancer.

Schick's Valentine's 2019 recipes get right to the heart of culinary mantra: