City of Providence Announcement: Passport Parking App

The City of Providence is encouraging those planning to park in downtown to utilize the Passport Parking app. The cell phone option is convenient and you never have to worry about the meter working/not working, or have to place a slip in your car. By using Passport Parking, motorists can do the following:

  • Pay for parking while they are walking to their destination, or while in their office at an event

  • If they are in a zone that allows for more than two hours of parking, they can increase their length of stay, without ever having to go back to their car

  • Receive warnings on their phone 15 minutes prior to their time expiring, helping to avoid receiving a ticket

  • Create a “parking wallet” (similar to EZPass) where you pre-fund money for parking and use it in any increment that you like – no need to buy in two-hour increments

  • Merchants can provide specific codes that will enable them to provide free parking to customers if they shop in their store (the parking session would be paid for by the merchant from a pre-funded account)

Persons who use the app are charged 15 cents extra as a convenience fee. Using the app is easy by entering your name, address, credit card #, and vehicle information. The parking zones are indicated on all meters and signage throughout the city – Downtown, Smith Hill, Federal Hill and the East Side. Visit the website to learn more or for questions.