Transformative Approaches Expo

This year, JWU Providence convened a “Campus 2022” committee that is charged with “intentionally impacting the classes arriving fall 2019 through 2022 by defining our ethos and committing to strategies that address: our voice, our approach, and our culture.”

Faculty and staff are asked to save the date for a Campus 2022 program, “Transformative Approaches Expo,” happening on Friday, April 5, from 10am-12pm. Curious to know what innovative approaches and strategies are being used to engage students with varying capacities for learning, or are you wondering how departments are supporting JWU students? This program will discuss how JWU’s diverse learning community is supported throughout campus. Attendees will walk away with new ideas that can enhance their impact and the unique ways they support student success.

More details about this program will be posted in This Week at JWU in March.