New JWU Colleagues (December – January)

JWU welcomes the following new employees to the university who started in December and January.


  • Tami Killam, aerobics instructor

  • Joshua King, assistant athletic trainer

Campus Dining

  • Jules Seymour, dishwasher at Red Sauce Pizza & Pasta

College of Business

  • Mark Grant, adjunct faculty

College of Engineering & Design

  • Adjunct Faculty: Jeremy Francis, Ronald Spicer, Olatunde Kamson

College of Online Education

  • Charles Desassure, adjunct faculty

  • Gaye Warren, adjunct faculty

  • Ross Petrain, online instructional technologist

  • Christopher Sheppard, online multimedia developer

  • Carla Swanson, online academic quality analyst

  • Kara Connor, online admissions associate

  • Ashley Slattery, online admissions associate

Counseling Services

  • Lindsay Maxwell, clinical counselor

Facilities Management

  • Diane Sweeney, automotive inventory control specialist

General Counsel

  • Luba Shur, general counsel

Health Services

  • Mary Jo MacKinnon, nurse practitioner

John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences

  • Barn Worker: Michelle Camara, Esther Erikhman, Kaitlin Rebello

University Admissions

  • Fred Johnson, director of international admissions