5 Questions With…Laura Hauser, Admissions


Proud cat mother to Bailey and horse aficionado, Laura Hauser, admissions counselor for Providence Campus Admissions, has been with the university since 2017, after graduating from the University of New Hampshire. Laura is the admissions counselor that supports enrollment for the John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences.

“From traveling across the region meeting high school students and educators, to connecting with families and prospective students on campus, Laura’s warm demeanor, can-do attitude and keen understanding of the market has helped the College of Arts & Sciences establish strong enrollments for their programs here at JWU,” says Amy O’Connell, director of admissions, Providence Campus.

Something that people may not know about Laura is that she started horseback riding lessons when she was eight years old—and was instantly hooked. She rode weekly and competed in local horse shows throughout high school and college. She now leases a nine-year-old thoroughbred mare named Layla.

“One of the greatest gifts I ever received was for my high school graduation, when my parents agreed that I could half lease a horse for the summer before I left for college,” says Laura. “This meant we agreed to cover half of the horse’s board, vet, and farrier bills, and I got to ride three times a week outside of my normal lesson.”

Laura continued to lease different horses each summer while she was in college and now leases year round. Currently, she ride four to five times per week and still works at the same farm where she started riding (when not at JWU).

Laura resides in Burrillville, Rhode Island and is currently working on her master’s in Human Resource Management here at JWU.

What new hobby would you pursue if you had more time?
I would love to learn how to play polo. I grew up riding horses and playing field hockey, so I’ve always thought it would be the ultimate combination.

If you were a JWU student today, what academic program would you enroll in and why?
Well I technically am a student at JWU today…. but if I was going back for my undergrad, I would definitely enroll in the Equine Business Management program. Everyone in the office knows to find me when we have a potential equine student visiting campus. I can talk about that program all day.

What’s your favorite place to dine in Rhode Island?
Blackie’s in Smithfield

What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of—personally and/or professionally?
I graduated from college with a minor in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Studies, which required me to take a few American Sign Language courses. I’m not fluent by any means, but I can hold a basic conversation. There have been times in both my personal and professional life where I have been able to communicate with individuals in ASL. In the deaf culture, giving an individual who is hearing a name-sign shows acceptance by that person into the deaf community. After conversing with a deaf guest on multiple occasions at a previous job, he gave me my own name-sign. That was a really meaningful moment for me.

What’s your favorite thing about JWU?
The people. I get to work with a great group of people and students on a daily basis. Years ago, my uncle told me, ‘the day I go to work and I can’t laugh at least once, I don’t want to work there anymore.’ That really stuck with me. I’m pretty lucky that the people at JWU help me do just that.

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