Program Spotlight: English Language & Culture Academy


The English Language and Culture Academy (ELCA) is an ESL program at JWU Providence. The program provides instruction in reading, grammar, oral communication, and writing to help students build their English language proficiency skills for academic and professional communication.

“As part of JWU Global, the ELCA is an exciting ESL program committed to helping international students succeed in an American educational environment,” says Wes Roy, director of JWU Global. “Our approach is through a two-tiered emphasis of both basic interpersonal communication skills and cognitive academic language proficiency balanced with American academic culture.” 

The program was recently renamed ELCA to better reflect both the academic and learning/living experience of our ESL learners. Every Friday, all ELCA students are required to attend the new “ESL Seminar” designed to help students receive additional support and tutoring services to focus on areas of greatest need. 

Currently, we have 44 students enrolled in the program,” says Roy. “The program has graduated approximately 1,000 students from regions around the world, including Asia/ Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe and North Africa.”

The ESL program is offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The program is housed within JWU Global, which provides the resources and support necessary to build English language proficiency for academic purposes. Learn more.