Grateful to Know JWU’s Rocia Gaitan

Written by Mitch Stamm, associate instructor in the College of Culinary Arts

Have you ever wondered whom the other person is that passed you in the hall daily? After a while, you may nod at each other. Eventually, you may exchange pleasantries or a smile.

I passed the same person for years eventually exchanging pleasantries; however, the smile I received in return was too bright to ignore. One day I stopped and asked her for her name. She replied, “Rocio.” Now, we could greet each other by name and we did for a few months. Then we spoke. I learned what a humble, kind, generous, and caring person she is.

Rocio Gaitan, originally from San Marcos, Guatemala, has worked at JWU for 20 years. She rotates between Red Sauce on the Harborside Campus and Snowden Café on the Downcity Campus. I look forward to our greetings just as I look forward to the sunrise. I am inspired by her positivity and motivated by her energy.

I wonder how many people could have had such a profound effect on me that I have passed in the hall. Thank you, Rocio, for brightening my days and for making JWU a better place.