Check Out JWU’s Fitness & Recreation Program in the New Year


Making New Year’s resolutions is a time-honored tradition. Year after year, exercising often top the charts as one of the most common resolutions. Did you know JWU faculty and staff have free access to the university’s fitness centers in the Wildcat Center on Harborside Campus and in Wales Hall on the Downcity Campus? In addition to top quality equipment, including treadmills, arc trainers and bikes, JWU offers a series of aerobic classes available to the entire community.

Managing recreational and fitness programs on the Providence Campus is Carlo Acquisto, who has been with JWU for nearly 20 years and is a Rhode Island native. He manages both fitness centers, including a staff of more than 40 employees. He also serves as a strength and conditioning coach for Athletics. In this role, he “plans, develops, implements and monitors sport-specific training that is focused on increased athletic performance, all while keeping injury prevention in the forefront.”

Tami Killam

Tami Killam

“Currently one of the most popular classes is yoga,” Acquisto says. “We hired a new instructor in the fall, Tami Killam, and she’s been doing a great job building up a following.” Killam is also a Reiki master. She has a passion for yoga, martial arts, healthy eating, and mindful living. “Yoga class numbers are growing by the week and an anchor to our recreational and fitness program.”

In addition, JWU also offers spin, Zumba, dance hip-hop, self-defense, and boot-camp classes. Debbie Becker, assistant director of new student orientation & support programs, has been teaching boot-camp classes at JWU since December 2012. She is also a certified personal trainer and takes the same approach in her one-on-one training sessions as she does in her group classes. “Often instructors are working out with you up front, but I take a difference approach to my classes,” she says. “We work on full body exercises, and I help customize the work outs based on each individual’s needs.”

Boot-camp class with Debbie Becker.

Boot-camp class with Debbie Becker.

Fitness classes with a group can sometimes be intimidating, at first. Becker says her class is accessible to everyone. “Some people are nervous or haven’t worked out in years, but anyone can take this class and feel like they accomplished something by the end of it.”

One of Becker’s regular boot-camp participants is Diane Millard, executive assistant to the chancellor. “I’ve been attending boot-camp fitness classes for about three years with another staff member,” says Millard. “It is a lot easier to attend knowing that my colleague will be there too. As hard as it is to attend after a long day in the office, we have lots of fun and always are glad that we made the effort to go. Debbie is a great instructor, as she provides accommodations so we can keep-up with JWU students.”

Are you thinking about attending an upcoming aerobics class? Here’s the winter term schedule:

Aerobics Winter Term 2018-19.jpg

“I think it’s awesome that faculty and staff can take advantage of this,” says Becker. “It’s a great benefit and a nice way for staff to interact with students outside of the class or office.” Other opportunities for faculty and staff to stay active on campus include JWU Intramurals and the annual 100 Mile Club.

If this is the year you’re looking to focus on health and wellness, check out a JWU aerobics class or stop by one of the fitness centers. Classes are held in the Wildcat Centers Multipurpose Room, Monday to Friday. View JWU fitness center hourszyzyavczcefaftzvecv.