The Booming Business of Travel and Tourism and Top Trends for 2019 with Faculty Expert Bryan Lavin


In a recent JWU blog, Bryan Lavin ’11, CHE, assistant professor, Tourism & Hospitality Management, College of Hospitality Management, shares his take on the compelling direction of travel and tourism and highlights six trends for 2019. “The travel industry saw tremendous growth in 2018 and shows no signs of slowing down for the coming year,” Lavin says. Here’s more about two of his top trends.

  1. No Frills, no Problem. Based on the success of smaller, regional carriers that offer a no-frills flight where everything from luggage space to extra legroom can be purchased as an add on, the larger carriers will follow suit for long-haul flights. Travelers will be much more comfortable with traveling light (and paying less) while the airlines can reduce costs as fuel prices rise. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  2. Join the community, even for a few days. Travelers will continue to look for unique, authentic, and immersive experiences surrounding a way of life within their destination. This year, however, localhood will become more mainstream, meaning travelers are no longer looking to exchange money for experiences. Instead, they want to contribute to the destination’s community and generate a positive impact. These co-created experiences can thrust tourism into the spotlight as an economic change agent.

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