A Message from JWU Environmental Health and Safety

Now that winter is here, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) would like to remind the JWU community to be mindful of the potential for slips, trips and falls.

  • EHS works with the university’s floor mat vendor to place and maintain floor mats at building entrances. During severe storms, or times when snow and ice starts to melt, floor mats have the potential to temporarily be inundated with water. EHS maintains a supply of temporary mats to replace as necessary. Please use School Dude when requesting a temporary mat.

  • During winter storms, JWU Facilities works hard day and night to maintain access to buildings on a priority basis. The reality is that Mother Nature can sometimes create a snowy/icy mess quicker than the grounds team can clear it away. EHS encourages everyone to be wary of potentially slippery conditions throughout the winter season and to be mindful of where they are walking. Please try to avoid using your cell phone while walking outside. 

  • Be aware of other hazards winter storms may bring such as blind spots from snow banks. You may not see vehicles coming if you walk out into a street between snow banks—and they may not see you.