Beverage and Dining Faculty Complete Wine Spirits Education Trust Certification


Faculty from Beverage and Dining Services in the College of Culinary Arts arrived to school a little earlier than normal this year. Setting 2 days in August, they completed a certification as Level 2 Spirits Educators with the Wine Spirits Education Trust (WSET).

This organization provides education and certifications to professionals and enthusiasts alike around the globe. The certification course was hosted by Antony Moss, Master of Wine, Sake Samurai, and leading wine, Sake and spirits educator in the world; and Rob Mccaughey, WSET US Business Development Manager.

Participating faculty included Jennifer Broderick, Ed Korry, Linda Pettine, Jack Chiaro, Katrina Herold and Marc DeMarchena. The group practiced delivering micro lessons and spirit tastings under the watchful eyes of WSET instructors. Both facilitators provided insightful feedback to insure that the quality of instruction and the level of teaching matched that of the WSET Level 2 Spirits Certification.

Having an evening to fine tune their work for the final critique, all JWU participants arrived on the final day with that little sense of nervous tension that students often get as the final test approaches. Everyone involved performed well and found the experience exciting and rewarding. “It’s not every day you get to present to fellow colleagues and to two of the brightest spirit professionals in the business,” said Marc DeMarchena.