New Recruitment Efforts Underway

Admissions Viewbook

In response to prospective student inquires and many who have already applied, printed copies of the redesigned Admissions Viewbook were sent out in late August to more than 80,000 homes across the country. In addition, 450,000 search names (high school students whose interests match JWU’s program offerings) received the Viewbook digitally.


The goal of the newly imagined Viewbook entitled, “Don’t Predict Your Future, Build It,” was to unite all four campuses together under one brand umbrella and provide students with the information they’re inquiring about in a unique, visually appealing and engaging way. The piece demonstrates the passion and dedication of the JWU community as supportive partners through the university’s wide-range of purposeful student-focused programs and offerings.


Culinary Arts Campaign


JWU’s #CulinaryCareers campaign, which launched in USA Today on September 21 in print and online, highlights an education in the culinary arts, showcasing opportunities beyond chef positions. It focuses on how a culinary education can help students improve their skills, and gives students hands-on experience and flexibility in their careers. Here are the first #CulinaryCareers campaign articles:

Academic Program Finder on

This month, launched a brand new by-interest, academic program finder. After selecting “Majors & Degrees” under the Academics main tab off the website’s homepage, a prospective student is met with a captivating and user-friendly visual layout of program interests. While a link to an alphabetical listing of programs still exists, the visual grid offers an entry point that allows them to explore the breadth of JWU programs that are not intuitively tied to a specific college.

Once in the program finder module, prospective students can begin to narrow or broaden their interests based on such factors as campus and degree type. Give the academic program finder a try.ryecfcdswbduyawzesvrtswuadas


New Inquiry Card for Prospective Students

JWU admissions representatives have a new card to hand out at college fairs and after classroom presentations. Prospective students no longer have to fill out by hand an inquiry card. Instead, students receive an index-sized card through which the student can text or scan a QR code to immediately complete an inquiry form. If you visit the url printed on the card, please do not fill out the inquiry form – Admissions will begin recruiting you.

Here’s what it looks like.