JWU is Well Represented in Leadership Rhode Island’s College Program

College Leadership Rhode Island Class of 2019.  Photo provided by Leadership Rhode Island.

College Leadership Rhode Island Class of 2019. Photo provided by Leadership Rhode Island.

About 30% of this year’s cohort of students participating in College Leadership Rhode Island (CLRI) are Wildcats. Johnson & Wales University has had a long history with Leadership Rhode Island, and JWU continues to be well represented within the CLRI classes.

CLRI is modeled after Leadership Rhode Island’s core program, which is designed for business and community leaders. Scott Lyons, EdD, interim dean of students for the Denver Campus, is currently participating in the core program.

“I believe this opportunity is made possible by the concerted effort of our faculty and staff who nominate students for leadership and service opportunities both in and out of the JWU community,” said Lyons. “Students enrolled in CLRI learn about working in diverse teams to accomplish shared goals and develop their talents into strengths.”

Of the 49 participants in CLRI’s Class of 2019, 15 attend/attended JWU. Congratulations to:

  • Rhea Bhatia, Mental Health Counseling (graduate studies)

  • Donte Brame, Counseling Psychology (senior)

  • Aileen Cepeda, Criminal Justice (senior)

  • Matt Guay, Graphic Design and Digital Media (junior)

  • Manal Jakhar, Advertising & Marketing Communications (junior)

  • Aralyse Johnson, Sports, Entertainment, Event – Management (senior)

  • Zach Krase ’17, Network Engineering

  • Madison Lane, Marketing (junior)

  • Eric Miller, Network Engineering (junior)

  • Nam Nguyen, Finance (graduate studies)

  • Wil Ortiz, Criminal Justice (sophomore)

  • Oscar Rodriguez, Software Engineering/Cyber Threat Intelligence & Defense (junior)

  • Sam Sobbell, Baking & Pastry Food Service Management (senior)

  • Jake Romaine, Sports, Entertainment, Event – Management (sophomore)

  • Michael Weishaus, Sports, Entertainment, Event – Management (sophomore)

A CLRI Class of 2015 member and JWU alum Ray Nunez ’17 describes the experience as “one of the best personal and professional development opportunities” he has had. Nunez continues, “The opportunity to collaborate with a myriad of diverse students representing different majors and different institutions helped me build a life-long network, gain a deeper understanding of my strengths, and grow as a young professional.”

After graduating from Johnson & Wales, Nunez accepted a position with Leadership Rhode Island as the communications and engagement specialist. “I'm thrilled to see the increase in interest by JWU students to participate in CLRI,” he says. “I'm proud to see many of my fellow Wildcats experiencing the same program that inspired me to explore new career paths and create a meaningful life here in Rhode Island."

In addition to this year’s participating students, one of two volunteers who serve as co-coordinators of the CLRI program is Paige Zuber ’18, who graduated from JWU in May and participated in the CLRI program last year.