JWU Password Resets

Information security is an increasingly critical area for individuals, institutions, corporations, government agencies, and more. Passwords are central to Johnson & Wales’ information security. This is a reminder of how you can manage your JWU security credentials.

Password Reset Manager

IT Service Desk

  • Call 866-598-4357 or 401-598-4357 (you will be asked to validate confidential personal information and given a temporary password).

  • This service is available Monday-Friday, 8am-7:30pm ET (the IT Service Desk is closed during the weekend).

  • Important: Password reset requests will NOT be accepted via email, chat, or other means. Faculty, staff and students must call.

Critical Reminders and Tips

  • To avoid unwanted delays, do not wait until the final day to change your password when it is due to expire.

  • Once you reset your password, you must wait 20 minutes before using it (to allow time for various university systems to synch-up).

  • Visit https://it.jwu.edu/password for step-by-step instructions on managing your profile and resetting passwords.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please visit https://it.jwu.edu/ for additional Johnson & Wales IT services and resources.