What brought you to JWU’s Providence Campus?

JWU students come from all over the globe to become a Wildcat in Providence, Rhode Island. But what brings them here? We asked three students who are a long way from home to share their story.

Cheyenne Thompson, from Wichita, Kansas (1,588 miles from Providence), was seeking adventure, a collaborative environment and the opportunity to affect change when conducting her college search. She recalls, “If I fell in love with the virtual tour, I can imagine falling in love with the place when I get there. And that’s exactly what happened.” Her leadership position with Admissions’ Collegiate Ambassador Team is something Cheyenne values most about her JWU experience. She also is proud to be the university’s first Health Science major to accept an internship. While Cheyenne occasionally misses the solitude of rural life in Kansas, she loves the culture, people and pace of life on the East Coast too much to ever leave.   

Jakob Neal is a first-year Robotics Engineering major from San Antonio, Texas (2,012 miles from Providence). He was encouraged to come to JWU by his grandfather, who spent time in Rhode Island and got to know some of JWU’s professors. Since arriving on campus, Jakob has enjoyed his experience in the classroom, his involvement with the Wildcat Gaming Club, his student employment position with National Student Organizations, and supporting activities like JWU Wrestling’s Downtown Showdown. When asked about the biggest difference between life in Providence and San Antonio, Jakob said, “Everything is really close here – just a block away or a short bus ride.” He misses his friends and family back home, but acknowledges, “they’re always rooting for me.”   

Aimee Tran’s home is in Vietnam (8,792 miles from Providence). As a high school senior exchange student in South Carolina, she met a JWU admissions representative. “I was looking for a top hospitality school that is career-focused and would give me opportunities,” Aimee said. Since becoming a Wildcat, Aimee has been involved in many organizations, including OTEAM (New Student Orientation), Student Government Association, NSMH and JWU Global – which has allowed her to help other international students adjust to life in the U.S. Graduating with a degree in Hotel & Lodging Management in May, Aimee is excited to begin her career with Equity Residential in New York City.