Faculty Celebrate Scholarship at Annual Showcase

Nearly 100 members of the JWU community attended the second annual Faculty Scholarship Showcase on Thursday, October 25, to celebrate scholarly activities and share ideas. Faculty were invited to submit presentation proposals aligned with the Boyer Model of Scholarship for inclusion in the showcase. This event was also held on JWU’s three branch campuses last week.

More than 35 JWU faculty presented on October 25 in the Wildcat Center, representing all six colleges.

College of Business

  • Ezenwayi Amaechi, Ph.D., assistant professor

  • Jaclyn Boichat, associate professor

  • Michelle Rego, Ph.D., professor

  • John Varlaro, Ph.D., associate professor

  • Nicole Amos, assistant professor

  • Sara Jablon-Roberts, Ph.D., assistant professor

  • Diane McCrohan, associate professor

College of Culinary Arts

  • Robert Brown, assistant professor

  • Valeria Molinelli, senior instructor

College of Hospitality Management

  • Ron Blum, M.S., associate professor

  • Elizabeth Van Patten, Ph.D., CHE, associate professor

  • Elizabeth Covino, CHE, associate professor

  • Matthew Samel, Ph.D., '94, '98, CHE, FMP, professor

  • Magnus Thorsson, Ph.D., associate professor

  • Rex Warren, Ph.D., assistant professor

  • Julie Viscardi-Smalley, assistant professor

College of Engineering & Design

  • Gail McCarthy, assistant professor

  • Vidyasagar Sivalingam, instructor

College of Health & Wellness

  • Samantha Rosenthal, Ph.D., assistant professor

  • Melissa Clark, Ph.D. (Brown University)

  • Brandon Marshall, Ph.D. (Brown University)

  • Stephen Buka, Sc.D. (Brown University)

  • Kate Carey, Ph.D. (Brown University)

  • R Shepardson, Ph.D.

  • Michael Carey, Ph.D. (Brown University)

  • Jonathan Noel, Ph.D., assistant professor

John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences

  • James Desmarais, J.D., associate professor

  • Megan Stoessell, assistant professor

  • Jessica Fede, Ph.D., associate professor

  • Christopher Westgate, Ph.D., associate professor

  • Emily Lynch, Ph.D., assistant professor

  • Brian S. Krueger, Ph.D. (University of Rhode Island)

  • Karen Shea, Ph.D., professor

  • Krysten Manke (University of Rhode Island)

  • Qingbin Wang, Ph.D., assistant professor

  • Evan Villari, M.F.A., assistant professor

  • Andrew Karatjas, Ph.D., associate professor

  • Jeffrey Webb, Ph.D. (Southern Connecticut State University)

  • Carla White Ellis, Ph.D., assistant professor

  • Aimee Dufresne, Ph.D., assistant professor

  • David Spatt, J.D., professor

  • Dirk Fogg, associate professor

  • Crystal Taylor, associate professor

  • Erin Cardea, M.Ed., assistant professor