October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is a good time to check in with students and colleagues around healthy relationships, as it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This type of conversation can be uncomfortable but having it could share valuable information. Dating violence can affect persons of any gender or sexual orientation. Open questions, showing interest, and seeking to understand what a student is sharing can help you help them.

  • Identify their own relationship expectations and boundaries

  • Recognize relationship behaviors that support them, and those that cause concern

  • Stay connected to their support systems and avoid isolation

  • Recognize concerning behaviors in a friend’s relationship

  • Identify and connect to on-campus resources and supports

Additional information and resources on building healthy relationships, navigating the end of a relationship, and identifying signs of abuse in a relationship can be found at JWU Consent or loveisrespect.org.

Here are some on-campus events in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

  • October 4, 3:30 – 5pm, SAFE Workshop with Campus Safety & Security and The Den, Harborside Village Community Building

  • October 9, 3:30 – 5pm, SAFE Workshop with Campus Safety & Security and The Den, Pepsi Forum

  • October 16, 11:30am – 2pm, Domestic Violence Awareness Month Resource Table, Marketplace

  • October 16, 6:30 – 8:30pm, Domestic Violence Awareness Month Resource Table, Red Sauce

  • October 19, 9am-5pm, Student Green Dot Bystander Training, location confirmed upon registration

  • October 22, 6 – 8pm, Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette screening and discussion with the Gender Equity Center, JWU PRIDE Alliance and RI Student Collaborative, at the BRIDGE Center

All JWU community members have the right to healthy and respectful relationships. If you have additional questions or are concerned about abusive behavior, definitions, resources, and reporting information can be found in the JWU Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Policy.