Semester Transition Staff Update

Preparation for the Fall 2018 transition to semesters for graduate programs is well underway. 

Academic Calendar

JWU will have two operating calendars for 2018-19, with undergraduate programs still on a term calendar, and graduate programs, except for master’s level education programs, on a semester calendar.

2018-19 graduate and undergraduate academic calendars are posted to the semester conversion website. This spring, work will begin on the 2019-20 academic calendars.

Academic Programs

Faculty have reviewed and converted graduate academic programs for semester delivery. Courses will be offered in various formats, some running over the full 16-week semester, others over 8-weeks in traditional, hybrid or online formats. The College of Online Education will offer two 8-week sessions per 16-week semester throughout the year.

The graduate class schedule has been set. Most classes will meet once per week for 2 hours 45 minutes, over 16 weeks. Class start times are noon, 3pm and 6pm.

This winter, faculty are starting work on converting undergraduate programs to semester delivery for Fall 2020. Master’s level education programs will convert at the same time. 

Semester Transition Process

A semester transition committee started work in January 2017. The committee includes representatives from Academics, Admissions, College of Online Education (COE), Communications, Experiential Education & Career Services, JWU Global, SAFS, Student Life, and more. The team meets monthly to share information about ongoing transition work in their areas.


The semester conversion website is updated as new information becomes available. The COE also created a set of FAQs specific to online students, which are housed on COE’s website and linked to from the university’s semester conversion website.

Information has been communicated about the transition to current undergraduate students through the Student Government Association. JWU’s Collegiate Ambassador Team (CAT) also received training on how to respond to questions about the semester transition from prospective students and their families.

International Student Services is reviewing the impact of the semester transition on registration and visa requirements for our international student population. This spring, they will create a detailed plan for the arrival of students in the week before the start of the fall semester. 


Graduate Admissions is informing prospective students about the semester calendar.


If you have questions about the semester transition or process, please email semesters@jwu.edu