Open Educational Resources (OERs)

On May 30-31, the Colorado Open Education Resources (OERs) Council hosted a two day event for Open Educational Resources. May 30 was a training day for new OER Ambassadors in Colorado. May 31 was a full day of sessions related to everything from licensing, funding, to educational experience design with OERs.

Victoria West-Pawl, Sophia Strickfaden, Merrie Valliant, and Stephen Pyle gained a library of knowledge and information related to OERs, where to find them, and how to best utilize them.

Main Take-Aways

  1. Open = free + permissions. Free meaning no financial barriers for students, free exchange of knowledge, control to educators, and scalable. Permissions meaning you can copy, share, edit, mix, keep, and use under a Creative Commons license.

  2. There are so many Open Textbooks to choose from for general and common topics, such as economics or humanities.

  3. Open resources are commonly high quality, reviewed by other faculty, and used at many large institutions and community colleges.

  4. Authors for open textbooks and resources are often faculty and experts in fields who have not received a stipend or payment from a large publisher. Although, they may have received a small incentive from their institutions.

  5. Students benefit from open and free resources in many ways including lowered stress about access and cost, ongoing access to quality information, augmentation for studying and accommodations, and equity in accessing their materials.

  6. Creative Commons licensing is open to anyone, including you.

OER Ambassadors for JWU Denver

Sophia and Victoria attended the OER Ambassador day and are ready for any and all collaborations and interest on the JWU Denver campus. If you have any interest, curiosities, or insights, please reach out!

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Cover Image: Photo by Nitin Arya from Pexels