Gen-Z Goes to College

Book Reflection

As faculty ended the school year, you were gifted with the Gen-Z Goes to College book by Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace. Over the past week, Sophia has been reading the Introduction and Chapter 1.


Here are some main takeaways this week:

  1. Pg. 66 - “…these students have for their own sense of responsibility as adults, as 69 percent of students in our study describe themselves as responsible.” Does this match what we’re seeing in the classroom and our courses?

  2. Pg. 68 - “‘Generation Z consist of community-driven individuals who find creative ways to problem-solve. They are extremely driven and intelligent,’ - Generation Z Student.” Our students are perhaps independent workers who want to contribute to communal efforts. The drive and intelligence may be expressed differently in the courses at JWU Denver than previously.

  3. Pg. 74 - “70 percent of Generation Z students are motivated by not wanting to let others down, advocating for something they believe in, making a difference for someone else, having the opportunity for advancement, and earning credit toward something.” Knowing students’ motivations for learning and excelling could be our key to engagement and outreach.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from you about this book and your insights as the boots-on-the-ground instructors the students see daily.

If you would like to add to the thoughts and ideas above, feel free to submit thoughts, notes, and information to the Gen-Z Thoughts Form.

Gen-Z Thoughts Form

Photo by Buro Millennial from Pexels