Book Club: Encouraging Metacognition

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Join for session 1 of the Encouraging Metacognition book club. We’ll read a chosen section of the book between each meeting and get together during lunch time to discuss what we read, how we connect or experience this information, and where it can be woven into our work on the JWU Denver campus.

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Title: Encouraging Metacognition: Supporting Learners Through Metacognitive Teaching Strategies

Author: Patricia L. Kolencik

Synopsis: Drawn from a combination of the current metacognitive research and the authors' extensive educational backgrounds, this book is a compilation of essential metacognitive strategies to challenge students to learn to think and to think to learn. After first reviewing the concept of metacognition - its dimensions, distinctiveness, and importance as supported by the literature - the book then outlines several metacognitive strategies and how to incorporate and implement them in one's daily classroom practice. These fundamental and transparent methods aim to enable the teacher to act as a role model and to improve the development of learning. Focusing on student success and achievement and independent learning, the book will be a valuable resource for every educator (GoodReads.com).

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  • Books will be loaned to the first 6 people to arrive on the day at the time of the meeting.

  • Registration Required at least 48 hours prior.

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