Rising to Success


Chef Harry Peemoeller, senior instructor in the College of Culinary Arts, created an amazing six-foot tall bread sculpture for the IBIE 2019/ International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas in September. The overall theme: Fleischmann’s Yeast, Rising to Success. Because the convention overlapped with the start of school, Harry created all the elements of the sculpture in Charlotte, shipped them to Las Vegas and assembled his creation when he arrived.

“The design took a little time because AB Mauri wanted to showcase their core product, Fleischmann's yeast, through the sculpture and emphasizing their slogan, ‘Fleischmann's Yeast-the greatest thing before sliced bread.’ Hence the sliced bread hot air balloon! The challenge was to bake yeasted bread here, make sure it did not break during transit, and avoid shrinkage, spoilage and warping of the product.”

Harry’s timetable: Communicating ideas on design and logistics with the company took about one month; baking the elements, one week; curing and drying, about one week; packaging baked products safely for transit, one week; and assembly in Vegas took two days.

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