Vegas Bound for the IBIE

Amber Melsopp

Amber Melsopp

In high school Amber Melsopp ’20 says she was interested in chemistry. She was excited to learn that she would enroll in the brand new Food Science, Innovation & Technology program, with state of the art science labs. “My uncle has Type 2 diabetes and I have a cousin with celiac disease. I have family who are messed up in the food-eating business.”

That’s why she was eager to accept her professor’s advice to apply for a mentorship program during the IBIE (International Baking Industry Exposition) 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has an associate degree in baking & pastry and is on her way to earning a bachelor’s degree. “It’s a free trip and it’s about things I’m very interested in, so why not? My dream is to create a product that is delicious and nutritious for people who can’t eat a lot of foods, like some of my relatives. I want to make it so they can eat what they want. I am looking forward to seeing the new technology in our field, meeting the baking & pastry food scientists, and the idea makers.”

Robert Lothrop, Ph.D., a professor in the College of Hospitality Management and Amber’s conference academic advisor, says, this is a special opportunity for his students. “She will be exposed to experienced food technologists, product developers and others in the industry. This opportunity also pairs her with a mentor in a leadership position within the commercial baking industry.”

Robert and Amber, along with another student, Rachel Watts, head to Vegas soon! IBIE is Sept 7-11.