June 26, 2018

During the summer, This Week at JWU publishes limited content. Please continue to submit your announcements, and thank you for reading. 


Photo of the Week

Downcity Campus Bookstore Now Open

JWU's Downcity Campus bookstore has officially re-opened in its new location.

You can find the store in the lower level of the John Hazen White Center (near Marketplace). Go check it out.


Eat Healthy

Baking is an "Egg-zact" Science


It may be too warm to consider baking, but it is a good time to understand the science that makes it work. Cindy Ferron, a certified Executive Pastry Chef® and associate professor in the College of Culinary Arts, is off for the summer, but her lessons are "egg-zactly" what we can use all year long.

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